TruGreen takes Go Greener® to the streets

Street_ResizedHelping lawns grow healthy, green and thick has always been TruGreen’s No.1 goal. And it still is. But while TruGreen is revolutionizing the way lawns are cared for, the company is also taking its pledge to help grass grow greener beyond its customers’ front yards.

In just the last few years, TruGreen has implemented a number of initiatives to help preserve and protect the earth beneath all Americans’ feet:

  • AdvantEDGE Certified: All TruGreen lawn care specialists are now AdvantEDGE certified, a specialized training in environmentally-friendly lawn care practices.
  • Targeted Lawn Care: Lawn care products are carefully applied only where needed to prevent runoff and unnecessary use of chemicals.
  • Knowledge Leadership: In Florida, TruGreen is training agricultural and government agencies in responsible lawn care practices.
  • Responsible Vehicle Management: TruGreen is replacing its old, oversized trucks with the Lawn Shark, a new fleet of vehicles with an electric operating system and automatic engine shutoff. These trucks are designed to save 320 gallons of fuel per truck per year, equating to a 272-ton carbon load reduction each year.
  • Natural Reserve Preservation: In Ohio, TruGreen has helped restore the Fernald Preserve, a 1,000-acre wetland and green space that was once a uranium processing site.
  • Forest Protection: TruGreen is helping protect forests and reserves from the Asian longhorn beetle, a predator that threatens poplar, elm, willow and maple trees, and from the Emerald Ash Bore, which threatens ash trees.
  • Green Space Creation: To get America’s youth involved in Earth-friendly causes, TruGreen helped school children plant trees, flowers and grass at urban Los Angeles schools.
  • Lobbying For Change: In Illinois, TruGreen is working with lawmakers to pass a statewide standardization for the use of fertilizer, a step to help curtail its misuse and over-application.

TruGreen takes its position as an industry front-runner seriously, knowing that true environmental policy change takes leadership and commitment. Choosing TruGreen today means you’ll not only get a healthier lawn, but you’ll also lend a hand to the greater, greener good.